Wednesday 26th August 2015

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Well jet lag really hit Olie badly and after been awake half the night he fell asleep at 7 and I didn’t rouse him until 11am. In the meantime I caught up on some emails as we had a decent signal, thanks I presume, to the tiny marina, Apple Tree Bay, nearby.

By the time Olie rose it was close to lunch so we headed up river to Bobbin Head and after tying up at a public mooring we rowed into Empire Marina. Amazing to be in the middle of pristine bush and suddenly there is a marina full of super yachts, only in Australia. After some very nice burgers at the little restaurant we rowed home with the intention of getting serious about the fishing. At this stage I was beginning to wonder if the Hawkesbury was fished out.

We had purchased some prawns at the marina seeing as our squid and pilchard had been decidedly unproductive so far. As we were baiting up Olie exclaimed “look, a fish !” I looked up and to my astonishment realised it was a bull shark swimming directly toward us ? “There’s another one I shouted” and then they were all around us. We were literally surrounded by about six or seven bull sharks, all around 6 ft plus. I quickly rigged up some steel traces on the heavy rods, a gang-hooked pilchard on one and a couple of rashers of bacon on the other. We swam these out in the current suspended from balloons. Goodness knows what we would do if we hooked one of these powerful fish !. Anyway we needn’t have worried, they completely ignored our offerings and as I sit here writing this the next morning the bait has been out all night and nothing. Would you believe it ? Who doesn’t like bacon right ?

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