Lormar was constucted in 1964 by professional boat builders, Nick Nesbit and Billy Holmes and. She was fabricated in Balmain from oregon pine and spotted gum.

She was purpose-built as a fishing charter vessel according to the specifications laid down by the maritime services board.

After 51 years of serving recreational anglers and pleasure cruisers in and around Sydney Harbour she is still going strong !

With a length of 45 ft she had a huge amount of deck space she is licensed to take up to 25 people to a maximum of 30 nautical miles off shore or 39 within the convines of the harbour.

Your skipper and owner Josip is a fully qualified Marine Master. He has a lifetime of experience fishing the waters in and around Sydney Harbour. His experience, skills and knowledge combined with a superb boat will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for you and your fellow anglers.

The combination of Lormar and skipper Josip are your best choice for deep sea fishing out of Sydney.
Lormar boat2Charter Boat Lormar