Tuesday 1st September 2015

Tuesday 1st September 2015

We spent the night at Cottage Point with the intention of exploring Smith’s Creek on our last day. We awoke to a beautiful morning and eagerly setoff up the creek. We trolled a diving lure without stopping all the way to Spirit Cove but did’t get lucky. When we got there the baitfish were jumping so I got the lures out and we spent a while casting to whatever they were but they were not interested.

From there we hooked up to the public mooring a Kindred Bay and once again there was surface activity that we just weren’t able to capitalise on. Olie caught a lovely pan size six-spine leather jacket. We see these good eating fish often when we are out deep sea fishing and they always a welcome catch.

We moved on to Twilight Inlet and then Stingray Bay, having a good fish at each without much success. We decided to go back to Cottage Point where were knew that the snapper, although small, were biting. Olie caught one which was nearly legal but he went back and we had the leatherjacket for a light lunch.

From Cottage Point we cruised off to Pinta Bay where we had decided to stay the night. At about 11pm we were busy playing backgammon and I heard some splashing. We went out on deck, it was a full moon and the water was full of phosphorescence. There were fish been chased and jumping everyway, I casted a popper into them again and again but whatever preditor it was it was just not interested. Never mind, it was a lovely display for our last night of what has been an unforgettable holiday. 

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