Thursday 27th August 2015

Thursday 27th August 2015

Neither of us slept particularly soundly as we were constantly anticipating the scream of the ratchet as a bull shark took our bait. The morning revealed that the baits had not been touched, picky bloody eaters. What we would have done if we had actually hooked one is open for debate. The rod in question though was up to the task and I have seen that very rod land a decent sized mako whilst deep sea fishing out of Sydney on the Kingfisher.

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs we headed back up the river. Bobbin Head is as far as we can go in the Kuring-gai Chase National park. It was a delightful 1.5 hour cruise past our now familiar landmarks. Board Walk, Winston Bay, Cotton Tree Bay, Lords Bay, Waratah Bay and on past Cottage Point, Devils Hole Bay and into Jerusalem Bay at the end of which we moored in the picturesque Pinta Bay. Why here and not the others you ask ? Well we only have so much time and the fellow at the boat hire place specifically recommended this spot.

He was right on the money as we started catching fish almost straight away, not particularly big but a lot of fun on the light tackle. Bream, snapper and leatherjackets. We kept two of the larger six spine leather-jackets which I wrapped in tinfoil with butter and a bit of lemon juice and some spices and stuck it on the BBQ for 15 mins whilst I made chips. They turned out surprisingly delicious.

After that is was another backgammon marathon and I managed to claw back from six behind for the trip to four !

Six Spine Leather Jacket
The not-so-pretty but tasty six-spine leather jacket


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