Sunday 30th August 2015

Sunday 30th August 2015

We started off what looked to be another lovely sunny day with a breakfast of pancakes with sugar, lemon and cinnamon. This was always a Sunday tradition when the kids were little and is still a big hit with Olie.

After a quick fish which proved Half Moon Bay was still full of very small tailor we headed further up river. As and aside; I have never seen this many tailor when I have been deep sea fishing out of Sydney.

Our destination was the very quaint little town of Berowra Waters complete with it’s cable operated car ferry across the creek. I have been there by car and it is very picturesque. The maps showed a lot of private mooring though so I anticipated trouble. I wasn't wrong, as we approached some officious clown on the bank started to wave flags and blow whistles at us. The only way to appease him seemed to be to turn back, which I did.

I intended to spend the night in Brooklyn and then head back up Cowan Creek on Monday. The weather looked good and I really wanted to fish the incoming tide off Juno Point on Monday morning, which is a close as we are allowed to get to the open sea in this vessel. With this intention we cruised back towards Brooklyn stopping to fish some deep channels around Bar Point and Milson’s Island to no avail.

 Olie is squinting from the son not being clonked on the ear with the oar !

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