Saturday 29th August 2015

Saturday 29th August 2015

We awoke to an absolute peach of a day and after the usual breakfast of bacon and eggs we set off in the dinghy to really fish Half Moon Bay properly. We were using light tackle, not the deep sea fishing rods we’d tried to get the bull sharks on. We had two light spinning rods, one rigged with a little diving Rapala, the other with bait. On the fly rod I had a popper. Anyway we diligently worked our way all the way around from point to point catching and releasing a lot of small tailor. The water just isn’t warm enough yet for the big boys to come up from the ocean it seems. The video below will give you and idea of how ideal it was.

We then BBQ’d for lunch and spent the rest of the day sunbathing and fishing off the top deck. Steak, chips and salad for dinner, some backgammon (I’m only behind by two now), some episodes of Modern Family and bed. It is amazing how well you sleep on the water provided you know you are securely moored. Half Moon Bay was the first time we had stayed in one spot for 24 hrs. 

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