Monday 31st August 2015

Monday 31st August 2015

Olie took advantage of the lightning fast 4G signal at Brooklyn to watch the Man United - Swanse match at 2:30am. Sadly they lost and the consequence was a less than early start ! By the time we got to Juno Point it was a run out tide. Nevertheless we anchored in the fast current and put out a ganged-hooked pilchard and a squid on the two deep sea fishing rods. It looked very promising but the big mulloway or jewfish proved as illusive as ever. We did have a bit of excitment when Olie caught and released the strange looking creature below. It's some sort of shark but not sure which, anyone ?

From there we headed to Cottage Point and hooked up to a public mooring in the deep channel. We decided to row in an explore Cottage Point a little more closely. I had in mind a cozy little pub or some such. Not on your life, it is seriously a one-horse-town and the horse must have died years ago ! There are some very expensive looking properties on the water though.

We rowed back and spent a lovely evening catching and releasing small snapper. Dinner was a whole chicken and roast potatoes, using the enclosed BBQ as an oven. It turned out surprisingly well. Then a back gammon marathon that I am pleased to say has left me decidedly in the lead.

Strange Shark

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