Friday 28th August 2015

Friday 28th August 2015

Well this is at the first weekend in long long time that I won’t be deep sea fishing in Sydney. I will be fishing with my boy though and nothing could make me happier.

Today was the day we were due back at Holidays Afloat in Brooklyn for a service as they call it. So after a breakfast of bacon and eggs (I hate to think what this holiday is doing to my cholesterol levels !) we headed off of on the hour and a half cruise back to base. Olie did most of the driving whilst I tidied the boat not wanting them to think we were complete slobs.

Whilst the boat was being “serviced”, which I discovered means nothing more topping up the petrol and water supplies, we planned topping up on groceries. When I pointed out the full garbage bag I had neatly tied up in the corner and mentioned I had already put a fresh one in, I was rather surprised to be told “no worries mate, you can put that in the big bins behind the office”. Clearly a “service” did not include taking out the trash ! A change of sheets, not on your life. We did’t care we were having a blast.

All “topped up” in every department including beer and wine thank goodness, we headed off up the Hawkesbury River. At first I was a bit disappointed in this section as the water was very muddy. This cleared quickly as we headed down Berowra Creek. There is national park on the left bank but on the right back there are quite a few houses all with private jetties, it looks like they are only accessible by water however. One even thad a sea plane parked on it’s slipway, now that is sick !

After about an hour and a bit of cruising during which Olie got over the last of his jet-lag with a snooze we anchored in beautiful Half-Moon Bay and set about the serious business of fishing. Straight away we were into fish, they weren’t large but they were plentiful and varied and we were happy. Snapper, bream, tailor (called shad in South Africa) yakka and more. Lunch was a simpler affair of chicken sausaties on the BBQ and for dinner the good old spag bol. After dinner Olie increased his lead at back gammon (aargh) and then we watched Platoon on my computer. Nothing like a good old war movie for bonding males, mainly that we’re so flipping glad not to have had to be in one. Dodged in my case.


A good sized yakka


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