A pigfish is always a prize!

A fabulous day was had by all on Sunday. We headed out about four miles off North Head and in about 90 metres of water with a moderate swell we proceeded to pull in a feed of delicious flathead. The highlight however was a beautiful pigfish which some say are better eating than lobster. See […]

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What a fantastic Snapper

Monday 24th October 2017 How's this for a fantastic snapper over 60cm !! Also a beautiful pig fish which are prized for their delicious taste !  

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Autumn is good fishing weather

Monday 15th May 2017 As we say farewell to autumn and hello to winter we can expect more snapper as the sea cools. We can also look forward to seeing the whales pretty soon as they make their way up the coast to their winter breeding and calving grounds in the warmer Queensland waters.   […]

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A boatload of old sea dogs

Monday 3rd April 2017 This was a very happy boatload of fishermen with some fabulous snapper, the king of Syndey reef fishes as well as flathead !

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The best snapper of the year

Monday 6th March 2017 This must be the best snapper of the season, a well deserved catch on a day when the drift was so fast it was very difficult to hold bottom.

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A fantastic days fishing for the boys

Monday 5th December 2016  This happy bunch of blokes had an awesome days fishing and landed a boatload of good table fish. {gallery}blog.2016.12.05{/gallery} 

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A fantastic weeks fishing

Monday 21st November 2016 Great conditions last week led to a boatload of fish and happy customers ! {gallery}blog.2016.11.21{/gallery}

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Summer is finally here

Monday 3rd October 2016 Finally some excellent weather and the fish did not disappoint, neither did the whales and dolphins. A cracking day was had by all. {gallery}blog.2016.10.03{/gallery}  

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Best spring day so far

Monday 29th August 2016 Well on Sunday it really felt like spring was finally here. Beautiful sunshine, calm seas, whales and dolphins galor and to top it all off brilliant fishing !{gallery}blog.2016.08.29{/gallery}

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Great mid-winter fishing

Monday 18th July 2016 Great conditions finally after some terrible weeks weatherwise. The fish came out in abundance !! {gallery}blog.2016.07.18{/gallery}

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