Tuesday 25th August 2015

After an not so early start I made us pancakes with sugar, lemon and cinnamon, just the way Olie likes them. Feeling in need of a bit more local knowledge we headed for the very small community of Cottage Point which boasts a couple of houses, the Kuring-gai Motor Yacht Club ( did a mention we are actually in the Kuring-gai Chase National Park ?). We moored Victoria and then rowed to shore in our little tender. After being told off for tying up to the Yacht Club's wharf we moved a bit further down to the public one. As you can imagine everything in the little store was exhorbitatly expensive and the shop assistant was not a fisherman so we rowed back, a stiff headwind making progress difficult. Luckily all of Olie’s gymming propelled us home at brisk pace.

From here we headed further down Cowan Creek to Waratah Bay which looked perfect from a fish point of view, lots of structure and a stream running into the bay surely full of neutrients washed down by the recent rains. We tied Victoria up to one of the public moorings and took to the dingy armed with a variety of fish catching instruments, lures, fly-rod and bait. We fished diligenty but to no avail, the fish simply weren’t interested.

After barbequing some sauasages for lunch we continued down the creek past after a good, but sadly fishless, go at Lord’s Bay before mooring for the night in Houseboat Bay.

Cottage Point

Cottage Point

Olie at the helm

Olie steering from the fly bridge

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