Monday 24th October 2017

How's this for a fantastic snapper over 60cm !! Also a beautiful pig fish which are prized for their delicious taste !

IMG 0063
IMG 0054
IMG 0068


Monday 3rd April 2017

This was a very happy boatload of fishermen with some fabulous snapper, the king of Syndey reef fishes as well as flathead !


Monday 6th March 2017

This must be the best snapper of the season, a well deserved catch on a day when the drift was so fast it was very difficult to hold bottom.

Huge Snapper

Monday 16th May 2016

Fantastic conditions over the weekend led to a boat-load of happy deep sea fisherfolk. At Lormar deep sea fishing charters we offer the best value for money in Sydney.

IMG 1268
IMG 1270
IMG 1273
IMG 1276
IMG 1283

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Monday 2nd May 2016

The beautiful and tasty snapper is always a welcome catch. These fish tend to prefer colder water but this season we have been catching plenty all through summer, a good sign of healthy fish stocks.


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Excellent Autumn Deep Sea Fishing

This has been a real bumper season and it shows no sign of easing off as we move into winter. Have a look at the excellent flatties, mawies and pigfish below.

Large Flattie

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Monday 15th February 2016

Well it has certainly been a season for flathead. Perfect conditions for deep sea fishing over the weekend netted a boatload of great table fare.

big flathead

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Monday 4th January 2016

It’s unusual but very welcome to get snapper this size in summer.That is one very happy young angler ! From all of us at Lormar Deep Sea Fishing Charters we wish you all the best for 2016.

large snapper

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Monday 7th December 2015

Great weather over the weaked saw our happy customers boat load of deep sea fish including the delicious pig-fish. Sorry the picture is not the best quality but these amazing fish all start life as females only changing to males under a particular set of circumstances. They can live up to 30 years but most caught are between 5 and 15 years.

IMG 0674
IMG 0686

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Monday 30th November 2015

Sometimes I think we don't give as much appreciation as we should to the deep sea fishes that give their lives for our enjoyment, both catching and eating. That can’t be said for the fellow below who is really showing his affection !

bloke kissing fish
IMG 0660 1
IMG 0657 1

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Monday 23rd November 2015

Great deep sea fishing over the weekend ! The lady below could not get the smile off her face after landing this beautiful 75cm jewfish. Fantastic eating !




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Monday 9th November 2015

As we move into summer the fishing is hotting up with some excellent snapper and mawies been taken. Call now to book your place and avoid dissapointment.


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Monday 2nd November 2015

Sunday started off a bit lumpy but smoothed out as the morning progressed. Our boatload of deep sea fishermen reaping a great reward of 40+ fish. Always great to see the youngsters sharing great fishing moments with their dads !

IMG 4400
IMG 4399
IMG 4397
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